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Troubleshoot 0x80007000e Error Message in Outlook

These days most of the people are using Ms Outlook with its enhanced features,but sometimes problem may occur during the accessing of Pst files.Pst file gets corrupted due to virus attack,improper shut down,power failure, may cause some errors which leads to inaccessibility of Pst files. These errors are generally generated due to corruption of Pst file.If you unexpectedly receive error messages it means that there is presence of malwares.Users get different anoying errors when they try to acess Pst files.One such error is " 0x80007000e error".Let's know how this error occurs and how can this error be resolved.


About 0x80007000e error

Generally this error occurs when you send and receive error message in Outlook.You will not have any acess to this message throughout the program. This error occurs due to less memory space in your system.You may receive following message.

"Sending and receiving reported error (0x80007000e).Out of memory or System resources"

Causes of 0x80007000e Error

This error is mainly caused when

  • The Mapi32.dll is damaged or corrupted
  • Pst file gets oversized
  • Inbox have damaged email message
  • Current email is corrupted

How to resolve 0x80007000e?

As mentioned above, this very error happens mainly due to less memory space in the system. If the condition exists for long, it will definitely corrupt a PST file adn it has been experienced by many of the Outlook PST users. Even in this situation if you try to increase the memory space, the problem in the form of an error will not get fixed until and unless a proper repair work is done with safe methods.

The first and foremost option is to use Scanpst.exe to repair the problem and to fix the error. But looking at the severity of the problem, this tool would not be sufficient in giving out the best results. In such cases,you can use third party PST Repair tool that will work to repair PST file and fix 0x80007000e error with ease. Further it will recover all the items and lost data after the error appeared.