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Method to Fix 0x80048002 Error in Outlook

MS Outlook is a multi featured application that consist of such features that are very useful in terms of professional usage. It is not only an app for sending or receiving data but one can also organize their tasks, manage their day to day routine in the form of notes, appointments, journals etc. But at the same time, it is equally true that Outlook users experience worst annoying problems and error messages. One common but irritating error is 0x80048002 that appears after Outlook fails to send or receive any mails in the inbox.

A brief Description of the error.

As stated here, 0x80048002 error mainly occurs when sending or receiving email messages fails. Progress bar in the bottom displays the error like this...

"Task ' - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x80048002): 'This task was cancelled before it was completed"


Causes of 0x80048002

This error might cause in the event if there is a connection issue between Outlook and the incoming POP 3 mail server. Or, reason can also include issues in port or SSL settings in the incoming mail server. Oversized Pst files is also responsible for causing this error. Bug effect in the system, or unnecessary add ins in Outlook can also be one of the certain reasons for the aformentioned error.

How to Troubleshoot 0x80048002

To resolve this error,you must verify your SSL and port settings. Now,check it with other similar settings to find the change in setting. If still you are getting this error message then it must be that the error is occuring due to corruption of the PST file.

This scenario is influenced by data loss and data inaccessibility issues. A damaged PST file with error cannot be repaired until and unless a proper third party PST repair tool is used for good. The tool with multiple advanced algorithsm scans the entire PST file in Outlook thoroughly, repairs corrupt PST file and ultimately recovers all the items of PST and thus fixing 0x80048002 error.