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Error In Outlook PST File

If you are a life long outlook user then you must have experiences about and how it feel when outlook PST file get damaged and after that outlook start generating error messages. Sine there are numerous reasons are responsible behind PST corruption issues such as system malfunctioning, application crashes, malware attack, oversizing, and so on. No matter what are the actual cause are responsible behind PST corruption but fact is that once PST file get damage then you are not only completely unable to access your outlook application but also you can lost your entire outlook collection completely. Apart from data loss you can face lots of another annoying problems such as at first it become very difficult to access PST files, unknown error message may occur while sending or receiving emails and sometime outlook become completely inaccessible.

In such situation you can get help of scanpst.exe which is an inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft using this you can scan your damage PST file and fix them. But in case if you don't get satisfactory result from scanpst.exe and still corruption occur then you can get some unknown error message.


Some of the common outlook error are mentioned below :The most common error message are .PST is not compatible with this outlook version. This error occur when user import old PST file from an earlier outlook version which supported the ANSI format and current outlook version which support Unicode format. In such situation in order to access corrupted PST file which support ANSI file format all you need to first create new ANSI format in the current outlook version then with the help of import/ export wizard you can easily move your corrupt PST file to the new file.

In some prior outlook version including outlook 2003 and 2007 you might face a error while you try to start outlook application “The file driver : xxx.PST could not be found”. Which means you are unable to access your stored PST files and it occur due to PST corruption either it could be if server is temporary unavailable.

Apart from these error message you can also get fatal error codes such as outlook can't find our folder an unknown error has occurred 0X80040119. Ol97 Error opening a shortcut to an item in a PST. PST file not in personal file folder at the time you will find that your PST has been corrupted already due to this these error message are pop up. So it is very essential to repair corrupted PST file with the help of most comprehensive outlook PST repair software.