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Know the Location of Scanpst in Windows 8 ?

MS Outlook supports many latest and advanced features and so , it is one of the popular email client application all over the world . So, it's really very difficult to think to manage emails , contacts , calendars , journals , notes without outlook Application . There are large number of Outlook application available in the market , all are well equipped with different features . With the launch of every newer version Microsoft tries to remove the limitations of its previous version.

Microsoft has provided its users a storage space known as Personal Storage Table where it let the user stores all the files which include emails , attachments , notes , contacts , calendars , journals etc PST file tend to corrupt in many situation so , Microsoft has also provided with a free inbuilt tool which can repair the corrupt PST file. It is also known as Inbox Repair Tool . Scanpst gets installed with the installation of MS outlook application.

Location of scanpst varies and depends on version of outlook Application and OS being used . As it is a hidden file so , sometimes user find it difficult to locate the scanpst , in that situation there is a need of enabling the show hidden file option . If still the problem like scanpst.exe not found in windows 8 persist then you can download Microsoft scanpst.exe Windows 8 from official site of Microsoft . To find scanpst.exe in windows 8, go to the given location. C:\Program files(x86) >Microsoft Office >Office 12 >ScanPST.exeClick on the .exe file to run it when it is found. After that browse your files to repair.


Still sometimes we encounter the issues with PST files and scanpst is unable to repair the file due to some of the limitations of the scanpst.exe. Scanpst fails to repair severe corrupted PST file , fails to respond sometimes and unable to repair oversized PST issue . In this situation you need to take the help of alternative tool which is PST Repair tool which easily repairs and recover all the corrupt and damaged PST file . It make use of latest and advanced techniques which helps to repair and recover Pst files which has lost , damaged or become inaccessible. .

Key Features of Tool:-
  • Repairs and recover damaged and lost PST files
  • Repair severe damaged PST file
  • Repair Password protected Pst file
  • Compatible with all the version of the Pst file
  • Allow recovery of selected files
  • Provides sorting of files

Not only this there are much more advanced features of the PST repair Tool which once you will used then you will understand fully .It creates a detailed log off all the actions being done in order to repair and recover the PST file . You can download it from its site and use it now to repair and recover your PST files.